2. Today, on the Bitter Southerner, words by Susan Harlan and pictures by me! Such a fun a project.


  3. My official portfolio site: natalieknelson.com


  4. Did a couple of spots for the July issue of Atlanta Magazine, for an article on Georgia’s cranial fitness levels. 


  5. Scale Highly Eccentric

    I had the pleasure of contributing to a Flannery O’Connor portrait zine that was released last week. It features 14 different Flannery portraits by 14 different artists. If you want to buy the zine (I think you do!), you can do so here.


  6. Acree Macam lets me illustrate her Unsolicited Advice column and I’m having lots of fun with it.


  7. image

    Acree Macam gave me the excuse to make this fun (maybe annoying?) GIF for her Unsolicited Advice column.

  11. I made a series of posters around the idea of self-fulfilling predictions last year. This one was chosen for this year’s American Illustration online gallery. Hooray!